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About Apartment Therapy Marketplace

The Apartment Therapy Marketplace is a community-driven shop where vintage designer furnishing & accessories can be purchased. Our goal is to facilitate the purchase and sale of one million unique items of furniture at competitive costs.

As a member, you will have access to a marketplace where you can buy and sell vintage, antique, and used model furniture as well as home accessories goods. Joining, browsing, shopping, and publishing a listing are all completely free of charge; the only time you will be charged a service fee is if and when your item sells.

Editorial Policies: Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Apartment Therapy Marketplace, The content for Apartment Therapy Marketplace is crafted by an editorial team that is dispersed across the country and is comprised of editors who are experienced, passionate homebodies. According to our point of view, everything that truly counts may be traced back to one’s home. Keeping this in mind, we take our reader on the complete trip, all the way from searching for a home to experiencing what it’s like to be at home. 

Our employees make their own decisions regarding which products to recommend based on extensive testing or research; in exchange for these recommendations, we may receive a commission from the stores with whom we have affiliate partnerships. Our most recent job postings can be found on this page, and we are always interested in hearing your pitches and reading your introductions. 

Right here, you’ll discover our whole pitching rules, complete with a list of who to get in touch with. In addition, we encourage our readers to share their before-and-after home improvement projects and house tours with us. Our brand is driven by real homes, and we’d be very interested in seeing how and where you make your home.

How It Operates: Information For Customers

Apartment Therapy Marketplace, You can find a perfect product in your neighbourhood by browsing our most recent listings or by filtering the variety that is available. You can retrieve saved listings from your Favorites at a later time.

Do you have a query regarding the item? Simply send a private message to the Seller by clicking the option labeled “Message Seller.” You have the option of inquiring about the item in question or negotiating the price of the item and/or the delivery method.

When you are ready to make a purchase, you may start a new purchase for the product by clicking the “BUY NOW” button. Your order has been sent to the Seller, who will examine it and decide whether or not to accept it before the transaction can move further.

Once the Seller has accepted your offer, you will be able to make a safe and secure payment for your order through Stripe’s website. The Seller is responsible for completing the transaction and will either coordinate pick up or shipping or delivery (depending on which option you picked).

How It Operates: A Guide For Retailers

Apartment Therapy Marketplace, Join our network of sellers of antique and secondhand used furniture, and while you’re there, fill out your Shop profile to tell us a little bit more about yourself and your business.

To create the first listing and make it visible to other users on the Bazaar, use the SELL button from the toolbar. Your Maintain Listings page offers you the ability to make changes to, as well as close and reopen, the listing.

You can start accepting payments online as soon as you have Stripe Payments set up and linked to your Stripe account. After you have it set up, your customers will be able to generate a new order by clicking the BUY NOW button that is displayed on your product listings. 

Apartment Therapy Marketplace, You will be contacted by email and given the opportunity to accept, decline, or split the cost of the shipping and delivery of the order. Before you are notified to begin delivery, the Buyer will be asked to pay the total cost of the order, which includes any applicable shipping and handling fees.

Make arrangements for shipping and delivery, then check the order off as finished. Directly from your Stripe account, after deducting our service fees, you are able to withdraw the proceeds from any sales you have made.

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