Emdr Therapy For Anxiety

About Emdr Therapy For Anxiety

Emdr Therapy For Anxiety, In EMDR therapy, a skilled therapist works with a client to deal with the troubling memory or thought that causes anxiety by lowering the emotional, mental, and physical responses to it. Over a series of sessions, the therapist and client work together to reduce anxious feelings and replace bad feelings associated with memory with good thoughts. This is done to undo the damage caused by the memory.

What Changes Does Emdr Make To Your Anxiety?

EMDR is a treatment that involves moving your eyes in a certain way while thinking about a stressful situation or a bad mood. EMDR lowers your anxiety by helping you deal with the intensity of your feelings and directing your attention to more empowering, helpful beliefs.

Here Is A General Summary Of The First Few Emdr Therapy Sessions:

During this technique, Therapists want you to be aware of any physical feelings, images, thoughts, or emotions. The mind and body are invited to participate in the feelings, images, and insights. No matter what happens, you’ll get through it and can do this in any way you want. Be patient with yourself because it takes time to get into things. Let’s do the best we can with what we’ve got.

You might have a sudden change, a new insight, or a realization. You may also feel a more subtle effect, like less anxiety, relaxed muscles, or a general sense of being at ease and being able to think more clearly. Even if you don’t “feel” a difference, your brain is still processing and changing unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and experiences into more adaptable, digestible, and often positive ones. This is thanks to EMDR’s Adaptive Information Processing mechanism (AIP). 

They do this to keep the timing of the brain’s processing part from getting messed up. Can stop the process with in-depth questions, analysis, or by moving on to talk therapy. After the EMDR treatment is done, they help you figure out how to use what you’ve learned in your everyday life. Most of the time, this method is natural and happens independently. Most of the time, the brain has already started to figure out what the information means, so there is less need to talk. Instead, Therapists slow down the session to give people time to think about what they are learning and ensure they understand it.

Ptsd Can Cause Anxiety Symptoms:

Emdr Therapy For Anxiety, Your anxiety might be caused by a traumatic event, which is why EMDR works so well in treating anxiety. After a stressful or traumatic event, it’s common to feel anxious because it can mess with your nervous system. Social anxiety can take the form of a phobia, a specific fear, panic attacks, or anxiety attacks. It can also take the form of general anxiety disorder, which shows up as chronic anxiety and feeling uncomfortable around other people or in social situations.

Emdr Can Be Used To Treat The Things That Make You Anxious:

Mind-body therapy is a type of EMDR therapy, and this is why it works so well to help you get better from problems caused by your anxiety. In three ways, EMDR can help you feel less anxious and help your body, mind, and feelings deal with the problems that are making you feel anxious. Depending on what’s going on, your worry might be normal. It becomes a problem when the feeling is too strong or keeps coming up at the wrong times. One of the unique ways EMDR treatment can help you deal with anxiety is by helping to “rewire” your nervous system. As the name suggests, this happens during the “desensitization” phase of the treatment.

Emdr Can Be Used To Treat Physical Anxiety:

When you’re worried, you might feel like you can’t get enough air or your heart starts beating faster. Having stiff muscles is often a sign of anxiety. With EMDR therapy, your body can deal with problems that cause you to feel anxious. Once these physical problems are fixed, bad things won’t make you anxious anymore. Most of the time, this gives the most relief from anxiety.

With Emdr, You May Find That Your Anxious Thoughts Change:

Another way anxiety affects you is through your thoughts. You may have noticed that your mind moves quickly when you are anxious. You might find it difficult to concentrate on anything. You may be stuck in your anxiety because of these fast-moving thoughts. Even though EMDR therapy can’t get rid of memories or thoughts, it can help you eliminate any bad feelings that come from them. This way, you can think about a situation or a person without feeling as scared as you used to.

You Can Heal Your Emotions With Emdr Therapy:

Emdr Therapy For Anxiety, An important part of EMDR treatment is getting over the strong emotions that are easy to bring up. Fear is a common feeling that goes along with worry. People often say that being scared makes them feel bad. Take the example of social anxiety. People often say that social anxiety is the fear that other people will judge you badly. When you’re out in public, you might feel that people are staring at you or judging you for no apparent reason.


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