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About Group Therapy Greenville

Group Therapy Greenville is the first and only indoor venue to feature an 18-hole wacky mini golf course, ice curling, ping pong, axe throwing, and a variety of backyard sports. Group Therapy Greenville is a pub and playground that offers interactive entertainment. Karaoke, trivia, and maybe even bingo may make a comeback to the public thanks to special event nights. 

Group Therapy Greenville is the place to go for any kind of group outing, whether it be a corporate event, a team builder, a birthday party, a bachelor(ette), or even a first date. They have specialty cocktails, a beer wall with 30 taps that customers can serve themselves from, and a tonne of menu items that can be shared. The Group Therapy Greenville Pub & Playground seeks to provide a variety of services all at once, including the following:

  • Food
  • A bar with full service as well as thirty beer taps for self-service.
  • Miniature golf
  • Throwing an axe
  • The ice is curving
  • Table tennis
  • Trivia
  • Karaoke
  • Live performance music

“As far as we know, it’s the largest single retail site in downtown Greenville,” said Hubbard, who is opening the idea together with his partners Dustin Pelletier and John Cox. “It’s the largest retail spot in downtown Greenville,” Hubbard added. “Just wait till you turn the corner and realise how absolutely gigantic it is,” the speaker said.

The Bar Or Tavern Will Be The First Thing That You Notice

Group Therapy Greenville, The pub area, complete with a sizable stage for live performances, will be located close to the main entrance. A beer tap wall, which will be familiar to anyone who has frequented Pour or Hoppin’, will be located closest to the doors. This wall will provide thirty different self-serve beers, wines, and seltzers. The beer tap wall will be followed by a bar that is thirty feet long and will focus on mixed drinks.

“If they don’t have to worry about serving beer, [bartenders] will be able to concentrate much more readily and swiftly on making cocktails,” Hubbard explained. And the plan is to keep serving up until two in the morning (assuming the city signs off on the special exemption for operating hours).

Plus The Kitchen Offers A Complete Range Of Services

Group Therapy Greenville, Diners will be able to place their orders at a walk-up kitchen that will be located to the right of the bar. In exchange for their phone numbers, they will be able to receive a text message when their food is ready. It is possible for roaming servers, who are referred to as “therapists” and “counsellors,” to receive and deliver orders as well.

Not only does Hubbard, whose day job consists of creating indoor adventure parks, want to offer “group therapy” in the form of games, beverages, and food in the new location, but he also wants to take the moniker literally and connect with local mental health advocacy groups.

According to what Hubbard had to say, “We want to give it back & focus on mental health awareness.” “Partnering with local organisations, doing fundraising events, and ideally supporting them directly and in a variety of ways, based on the needs that they have, is something that we are extremely committed to,” you can say.

Who’s Up For Some Axe Throwing?

Group Therapy Greenville, On the opposite side of the room will be a location for ice curling, an ax-throwing arena, and a miniature golf course, each of which will begin with their very own “pro shop”. “I really worked out what to put in this area by approaching and to see what is out there now,” he added. “It really helped me figure out what to put in this place.” “An idea such as this has never been brought together before, and all of these events are taking place in the same location.”

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