Herpes Zoster Infection

About Herpes Zoster Infection

What Exactly Is Herpes Zoster, Also Known As Shingles?

Herpes zoster, more often known as shingles, is a viral infection of the nerves that can affect anyone at any time. This infection causes a painful rash consisting of tiny blisters to appear on a strip of skin everywhere on the body. It’s possible that the pain will last for months after the rash has cleared up.

  • Shingles in children are uncommon for the most part.
  • Your child is at the greatest risk if he or she had varicella during the first year of life, or if you could have chickenpox very late in your pregnancy and your child was exposed to it.
  • Rash appears on the trunk or buttocks the vast majority of the time, and it typically disappears within one or two weeks.
  • It is possible that medication will help lessen some of the discomfort, but ultimately the disease needs to take its course.

The Signs And The Problems

The rash caused by herpes zoster most frequently appears on the torso and buttocks of the affected individual. It is also possible for it to appear on the face, arms, or legs. Although symptoms might vary from one child to the next, the following are the most common:

  • Hypersensitivity of the skin in the area where even the herpes zoster is expected to manifest itself.
  • A light rash that develops within five days and at first appears as tiny red patches that grow into blisters.
  • Blisters, which eventually become yellow and dry and frequently leave behind little pitted scars.
  • In one or two weeks, the rash will disappear.
  • Rashes are typically confined to a single area of the body.

Causes Of Herpes Zoster Infection

Those who have previously been infected with chickenpox are more likely to acquire shingles in their lifetime. After being exposed to the varicella zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes chickenpox, a person might get an infection known as herpes zoster years or even decades later.

It is possible for the varicella zoster virus to become active again in a person’s body if that person’s immunity to the virus has been compromised for any reason, including advanced age or immunosuppression. This reactivation is referred to as shingles, which is short for herpes zoster infection.

Is Herpes Zoster A Common Condition?

Herpes zoster is much more prevalent in adults over age of 50 and in those with weakened immune systems. It happens to children much less frequently than it does to adults, and when it does, the symptoms are much less severe. Children are at the highest risk for developing herpes zoster if they have chicken pox within their first year of life or if their mothers experienced chicken pox extremely late in their pregnancies.

The Diagnosis As Well As The Treatments

In order to arrive at a diagnosis, it is customarily necessary to conduct a physical exam and collect your child’s medical history. Additionally, your physician might wish to:

  • Take skin shavings (gently scraping the blisters to determine if the virus is shingles or another virus).
  • Run blood tests.

How Do We Cure Herpes Zoster?

It is possible that medication will help lessen some of the discomfort, but ultimately the disease needs to take its course. Your child’s age as well as the severity of symptoms will determine the medication your doctor prescribes for him or her. If started as soon as possible, treatment with antiviral medications could help alleviate some of the symptoms and reduce the amount of nerve damage.

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