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There are a total of 28 Rock Valley Physical Therapy facilities spread across Iowa and western Illinois. Rock Valley Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned business that places the needs of each individual patient at the forefront of all of its endeavors. Our counselors hold advanced degrees and credentials in their fields. This is a podcast produced by Rock Valley Physical Therapy to educate the general public about physical therapy and other issues linked to it. Contains an interview with physical therapists, physicians, and patients on a variety of topics discussed in depth.

Who Is Going To Benefit? : Rock Valley Physical Therapy

The field of medicine known as physical therapy employs non-invasive treatments, such as targeted workouts and manual manipulation, to assist patients to get from where they are in terms of their physical health to where they envision themselves being in the future. Physical therapy is in a position unlike any other to assist patients in achieving their goals without the use of medications, surgical procedures, or injections. For example, if you want to be able to crawl across the floor with your grandkids or reach into the kitchen without experiencing shoulder pain, physical therapy can help. One-on-one treatment sessions at Rock Valley Physical Therapy are a key component of the individualized treatment plan that will be developed for each patient at the clinic.

Anyone who is having difficulty participating in recreational or daily activities as a result of pain, weakness, stiffness, or imbalances is a candidate for physical therapy treatments. Our therapists at Rock Valley Physical Therapy are equipped with the skill sets, expertise, and compassion necessary to assist you in understanding your symptoms or impairments and also to walk with you through the recovery process. 

The way we look at patients completely shifts as a result of adopting a holistic perspective. You will be known to us not as “elbow ache,” but also as the editor who is unable to type anymore. We are not going to think of you as having “knee discomfort,” but rather as the collegiate athlete who is in danger of losing their scholarship. You are more than just your diagnosis when you come to Rock Valley Physical Therapy. You are a one-of-a-kind person who has a narrative all your own and a vital part to play in our community. Our organization and each of our therapists is deeply committed to achieving perfection, and as a result, we are able to offer you effective treatment programs that are tailored specifically to fit your requirements.

At Rock Valley Physical Therapy, our mission is to lessen your discomfort, improve your function to its fullest, and assist you in leading a more fulfilling life. Discover a small selection of the many different treatments focuses that our therapists offer. Rock Valley Physical Therapy, Their therapists will teach you strategies to reduce your symptoms in the short term, from headaches to jaw pain (also known as your temporomandibular joint), and they will teach you the skills to manage your symptoms in the long term. 

Head: From headaches to jaw pain, our therapists will teach you how to manage your symptoms. You are a fantastic candidate for our patient-centered care if you get headaches that influence your mood or pain in your jaw while chewing, laughing, or breathing. These activities can all put stress on the jaw. Educating you about what’s going on within your body is a topic that our therapists feel deeply about, and they are eager to share their knowledge with you. Your shoulder, elbow, wrist, & hand are all considered to be part of your upper body, along with the myriad of muscles, tendons, & nerves that connect them. Because we provide care to each individual patient on an individual basis, we are able to address any of your queries.

Rock Valley Physical Therapy, The majority of people who seek medical attention for orthopedic issues report experiencing discomfort in their spine, which can range from the top of their head to the end of their tailbone. Spine discomfort can frequently feel overwhelming in today’s world of diagnostic imaging, medication, and Google. We make it possible for our patients to take an active role in their own care by assisting each person in sorting through previously gained knowledge while simultaneously addressing their symptoms.

Rock Valley Physical Therapy, Their therapist will work to identify the problematic tissues in your lower body, which includes your hip, knee, ankle, and foot in addition to all of the muscles, tendons, & nerves that are located in between. Our physical therapists will put in a lot of effort to bring you back to your regular activities after anything from surgery to an injury sustained by a weekend warrior.

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