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Pediatric Occupational Therapist Salary, reports that the average Pediatric Occupational Therapist Salary is $60,673 per year (as of October 28, 2016). These therapists earn between $50,526 & $94,983 annually, and that’s including profit sharing and bonuses.

The average Pediatric Occupational Therapist Salary was $86,000 in 2010, per (as of Nov 3, 2016). In the United States, these are the average salaries for comparable occupations:

Located In The Northeastern Portion Of The Continental United States

The capital city of the United States ranks fifth in average annual income for occupational therapists, at $96,330 ($46.31/hr). Although the compensation is excellent, many individuals are aware that the cost of living is also quite high in the nation’s capital. When compared to the other 50 states in the USA, Washington DC is in second place. The only place where prices are higher is in Hawaii.

There is, however, a good reason why so many people are drawn to the Greater Washington, DC area. The climate is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful, the city is conveniently positioned in the middle of the East Coast, and the people are friendly. Many people I know have spent time in the District of Columbia and raved about it. If the situation warrants it, it could be beneficial to incur the higher cost of living.


The Pediatric Occupational Therapists Salary in Arizona is $99,950 ($48.05/hr), just slightly higher than the national average in Washington, DC. Due to Arizona’s cheap cost of living in comparison with some of the other states on our list, this salary is especially impressive. The state’s median cost of living is about the national average.

Arizona is also a stunningly gorgeous state. As part of our 2018 autumn road trip, we spent a few days in Arizona, and we were swept away by it. Just outside of Tucson is the beautiful Saguaro National Park, and to the north is the world-famous Grand Canyon. Arizona is far from numerous other parts of the United States and can get very hot, yet it pays well and has a lot of interesting attractions.

New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has a median yearly wage of $98,750 ($47.48/hr). With an average home price of $615,738, average monthly energy costs of $186, and a Cost of a Living score of F (, New Jersey is one of the top 10 most expensive states in the USA as of 2021.

New Jersey is still worth considering if you already live on the east coast and wish to maintain close ties with loved ones. Even if the cost of living in New Jersey is the same as it is in your current location, relocating there in search of a higher-paid OT position may be financially beneficial.


Many occupational therapists (OTs) have Florida in their sights because of the state’s generous income opportunities (average annual salary: $101,080; hourly wage: $48.59). Of course, California is the most popular state in the United States, and it has a stunning coastline that stretches for 840 miles. 

Too many wonderful things exist in California for a single sentence to do it justice. But as most people know, the cost of living is extremely expensive. Here, you get exactly what you pay for. The state does not offer as generous a savings plan as others, but there may be other benefits.


Pediatric Occupational Therapist Salary, As of May 2020, Nevada boasts the nation’s highest average wage at $111,270 ($50.70/hr). The state of Nevada has a lot more to offer than simply the bright lights of Las Vegas. The desert, canyons, and mountains provide a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

When compared to other states, Nevada’s cost of living is around average. There is no personal income tax in any of these states except Nevada. Obviously, living here will allow you to save a lot of money and eliminate your student debt much faster. Arizona and Nevada are great places to practice occupational therapy if you want to make a decent living wage right after graduation without breaking the bank.

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