Red Light Therapy Benefits

About Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red Light Therapy Benefits, In a controversial therapy called “red light therapy,” low-level wavelengths of red light are used to treat skin problems like wrinkles, scars, and long-term wounds (RLT). Scientists in the early 1990s used RLT to help grow plants in space. Researchers found intense light from red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) helped plant cells grow and photosynthesize.

The next step was to look into how red light could be used in medicine, specifically to see if RLT could give cells more energy. Researchers thought that RLT could be a good way to treat muscle loss, slow wound healing, and problems with bone density caused by weightlessness during space travel. Red light therapy (RLT) is also called the following things in short:

  • Photography-based modulation (PBM)
  • Treatment with light of low intensity (LLLT)
  • A gentler laser therapy
  • Use of a cold laser
  • Biostimulation
  • Light makes things happen.
  • Low-power laser treatment (LPLT)

RLT is called “photodynamic treatment” when it is used with drugs that make the skin more sensitive to light. In this kind of therapy, light is just a way to make the medicine work better. You can do red light therapy in many different ways. Red light beds in salons are said to help with stretch marks and wrinkles, two things that don’t look good on the skin. Red light therapy done in a doctor’s office can treat more serious conditions like psoriasis, wounds that don’t heal quickly, and even the side effects of chemotherapy. Even though there is a lot of proof that RLT is a good way to treat some disorders, there is still a lot to learn about how it works.

How Well Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red Light Therapy Benefits, People think that red light works by making mitochondria work better through a metabolic response in cells. The cell’s energy is made in the mitochondria, which are the cell’s power plants. A molecule called ATP stores energy in the cells of all living things (adenosine triphosphate). RLT can help a cell make more ATP by making the mitochondria work better. With more energy, cells might be able to work better, replenish, and fix the damage.

RLT is different from laser and IPL therapy in that it doesn’t change the skin’s surface. Laser and pulsed light therapies work by making small cuts in the top layer of skin, which causes the skin to heal. RLT skips this hard step by directly causing the skin to renew itself. The light beam from RLT can go through the skin about 5 mm deep.

Red Light Therapy Has Some Benefits.

Since the first tests in space, thousands of lab tests and hundreds of clinical studies have been done to determine if RLT has any health benefits. Even though many studies have shown that red light therapy might be helpful, the pros and cons are still being discussed. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), for example, has found that there isn’t enough evidence to back up the claim that these devices are better than the ways wounds, ulcers, and pain are currently treated. RLT needs to be shown to be useful through more clinical research. But there is some evidence that the following RLT benefits are true:

  • It helps wounds get better.
  • Tissue repair and a source you can trust
  • It helps people with androgenic alopecia grow their hair back.
  • Short-term help with treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome
  • It heals chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers faster.
  • Psoriasis spots are getting smaller.
  • It helps people with rheumatoid arthritis deal with short-term pain and morning stiffness.
  • A few side effects of cancer treatment, like oral mucositis, are lessened.
  • Dependable source
  • It makes the skin look better and makes more collagen.
  • This is a reliable place to learn how to get rid of wrinkles.
  • Helps to fix sunburn.
  • Dependable source
  • People with the herpes simplex virus can’t get cold sores repeatedly.
  • It helps keep the joints in good shape.
  • People with degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee need to get their information from a reliable source.
  • It helps get rid of scars.
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • The source you can trust if you have pain in your Achilles tendon

Currently, insurance companies do not recommend or cover RLT for certain conditions because there is not enough data to back it up. But some insurance companies now pay for RLT to keep oral mucositis from happening while someone is getting cancer treatment.

How Well Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red Light Therapy Benefits, Even though the internet is full of news about cures for almost all medical problems, red light treatment is not a cure-all for all diseases. Most of the time, RLT is seen as an experiment.

There Is Little To No Proof For The Following Claims About Red Light Treatment:

  • Depression after giving birth, sadness, and seasonal affective disorder are all talked about.
  • Helps the body “detoxify” by getting the lymphatic system going.
  • It improves immune system function.
  • Reduces cellulite
  • It helps people lose weight.
  • It helps with back and neck pain.
  • It fights gum disease and oral infections.
  • Acne treatment
  • Therapy for cancer

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