Frequently Asked Questions

Well, you can directly tell your doctor that you want us to send your medication Haw River Pharmacy. Another way is you can reach out to us directly and we can take care of the rest by contacting your old pharmacy and communicating the change with your doctors.

We keep a track of all your refills and due dates. We keep in touch with your doctor to ensure you don’t run out of your medications anytime

Yes, the delivery is free! We understand that how important it is for people to have their medications on time, therefore we leave no stone unturned to offer free and quick services. 

Yes, of course! You can order for any of your family members and keep track. Ordering with us is so easy and convenient. We provide you with all the details and help you set up the payment method and schedule a free delivery.

You can chat with us on the our website chat feature or email/call to get in touch with our pharmacist. We are always available for you. 

Our adherence packaging is available to all of our patients and there is not additional charge. Yep you read it correctly. No Additional Cost!!


We are happy to help you. Call Us or Email for any other query .