Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods

Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods

Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods, Periods always occur at the worst possible time in a woman’s life, according to some unwritten cosmic rule. It would be a game changer for just any woman who has ever had a cherished trip or event ruined because of the advent of her menstruation.

Starting the next pack of birth control rather than taking a break week allows users of the combined contraceptive pill to delay or skip their menstruation. Contraceptive methods (or the lack thereof) have left women with no option but rather to manage their periods and their associated inconveniences whenever it comes. Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods which are now being prescribed by more high-street pharmacies, maybe the answer many women have been looking for.

Delayed Period

Hormone medications might be prescribed by doctors for several years to postpone a period. Utovlan, a period-delay medication, is now being sold by UK retail pharmacies (such as Boots) after an online consultation with a doctor. These pills include synthetic progesterone, which mimics the body’s natural progesterone and delays the onset of a period. Only women who do not already take the combination oral birth control pill can take these pills.

Hormonal fluctuations, which occur on a monthly basis, influence the onset of periods. During the first 2 weeks of each month, the womb’s lining thickens due to an increase in the estrogen hormone, which is produced by the ovaries. After ovulation, progesterone (another hormone) keeps the lining of the uterus intact for the next two weeks so that a fertilized egg can hatch. While progesterone levels rise during pregnancy, the womb’s lining is lost, and the woman’s menstrual cycle begins.

Norethisterone, synthetic progesterone, is found in period delay tablets. These medications delay menstruation by raising the body’s natural levels of progesterone for a longer length of time. However, the thicker womb lining can only be maintained for a maximum of two weeks after a period was due, therefore this method can only be used to delay periods for a short amount of time.

Utovlan Is A Period-Delaying Pill: Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods

The period delay pill Utovlan is available in the United Kingdom. To utilize a period delay tablet, you must begin taking them three days before your period is scheduled to begin. For as long as they want their periods to be postponed, they will need to take the pills three times a day (up to a maximum of 17 days of tablets). After discontinuing the norethisterone tablets, the delayed period will begin in two to three days. Because every woman is unique, the delay’s effectiveness and time will fluctuate slightly from one woman to the next.

Pills To Delay Menstruation Can Have Adverse Effects On The Body

Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods, We’ve all had periods that coincided with a beach vacation or a friend’s wedding, and we hoped we could change the dates. Taken as a whole, over-the-counter contraceptives can help you avoid or delay menstruation. Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods like these can have a negative impact on our reproductive system, which in turn affects the rest of our bodies. Taking these medicines to delay periods can potentially harm your health in the following three ways.

It Has A Long-Term Impact On Your Menstrual Cycle

Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods, This can have long-term effects on the health of your reproductive organs and your future menstrual cycles. Menstrual cycles can go wild if you delay them by a few days. There have been some cases where these Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods have resulted in unwanted pregnancies.

As A Result, Severe Bleeding May Occur

Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods, Approximately 20% of women report excessive bleeding for several months following the start of their birth control regimen. For months on end, this will continue to happen. Do you truly want to postpone your menstrual cycle? There’s no way.

A Major Health Problem Can Result From It

Side Effects Of Pills To Delay Periods, Long-term use of oral contraceptives may increase the risk of life-threatening health problems such as deep vein thrombosis (a clot in the veins) & pulmonary embolism. Other drugs you’re taking may be affected by the way these pills are digested by your liver.

  • Other repercussions
  • Taking a period-delaying medication can have additional adverse effects.
  • You might feel ill.
  • Diarrhea is possible.
  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding could occur as a result of it
  • It may induce cramping.

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