What Are The Side Effects Of Pills On Man's Body

What Are The Side Effects Of Pills On Man's Body

What Are The Side Effects Of Pills On Man’s Body? A woman’s body produces oestrogen and progestin, two hormones that are found in birth control pills. Taking these hormones in pill form prevents an egg from implanting in a woman’s uterus, which prevents her from becoming pregnant and controls her monthly cycle. Smaller levels of these hormones are also produced in men’s bodies. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Pills On Man’s Body? There are two types of hormones that play a role in sperm development: estrogen and progestin. Nothing would happen if a man only took one or two pregnancy control pills. With just a few pills, a man’s physique will not be affected. It is possible that after taking birth control pills for an extended term, a guy may notice that his breasts have grown slightly bigger, his testicles have shrunk, and his sex drive and facial hair have decreased. 

Softer skin and broader hips are possible side effects as well. Infertility is also more likely when estrogen levels are higher, as a hormonal imbalance impacts sperm quality and quantity. Other documented negative effects of excess estrogen in a man include exhaustion, diminished muscle mass, osteoporosis, difficulty concentration, and even hot flashes.

The following is a brief explanation of why a man might consider taking them: Some men may believe that using birth control tablets will help them move into a more feminine role. Transitioning can be done in a safer and more successful manner, but it should always be under the supervision of a skilled medical practitioner. 

Transgender males, for example, would be surprised to hear that the estrogen dose they take is only one-tenth that of transgender women. Also, it’s a whole different kind of estrogen. You should never take high doses of birth control pills because even low doses might trigger heart attacks and deep vein thromboses.

A tablet or two, whether taken by accident or on purpose, isn’t going to cause you any harm. It’s unlikely that you’ll notice any negative consequences. However, if you’re considering a gender transition, speak with a doctor who is comfortable working with transgender patients. You can examine the database of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association or ask your personal doctor whether they have experience in the field or can issue a recommendation in order to do this.

A Negative Effect: What Are The Side Effects Of Pills On Man’s Body?

Hormone levels are altered by the use of birth control tablets, which can result in a variety of undesirable side effects. For the most part, these symptoms go away within two to three months. 


When taking the pill for the first time, some people suffer moderate nausea, but this normally passes quickly. Take it with meals or at bedtime to see if that works better for you. People who use birth control shouldn’t have to deal with constant nausea. Talk to a doctor if the nausea is extreme or lasts more than a few months.

Migraines And Headaches

What Are The Side Effects Of Pills On Man’s Body? Contraceptive pill hormones have been linked to an increased risk of headaches and migraines. Migraine can be triggered by changes in estrogen and progesterone levels in women. Symptoms can vary depending on dosage & type of medication. Low-dose medications, for example, are less likely to elicit this effect than larger doses. It is possible, however, that taking the tablet may help alleviate a migraine if it is linked to PMS.

Weight Increase

Weight gain is sometimes listed as a possible negative effect of birth control tablets, however, this has not been validated by studies. Birth control tablets may, in theory, cause an increase in water weight or fluid retention. They might also lead to weight gain or muscle gain. When using the tablet, some people report losing weight. There hasn’t been enough study, according to a 2017 article from Trusted Source, to determine if the hormones in birth control tablets cause weight gain or weight loss.

Mood Swings Are Common

What Are The Side Effects Of Pills On Man’s Body? People’s moods and emotions are influenced by their hormone levels. A person’s mood can be affected by changes in the hormone levels that taking the pill may produce. The use of hormonal contraception & depression may be linked, according to some research, including a Danish survey of 1 million women conducted in 2016. A healthcare provider can be contacted if a person is concerned about mood changes. Changing tablets may help if the symptoms were linked to taking the drug.

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