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What Is Pivot Physical Therapy

Pivot Physical Therapy, the nation’s fastest-growing provider of physical therapy services, wants to help patients get back to their normal lives as quickly and safely as possible. Their efficient, creative, and individualized approach gives patients the best care possible and helps each one reach their own health goals.

Pivot tries to give each patient a customized rehabilitation plan that goes above and beyond their service expectations while giving them high-quality, evidence-based therapy. Brad Hancock, Pivot’s regional president, said, “No matter what your needs are, our approach and philosophy are simple: we care for you in a way that is effective, creative, and individualized to give you an extraordinary result.”

The Pivot brand is well-known and well-established on the east coast and has offices in six states. Since 2002, Pivot has been a part of the city of Frederick. They offer a wide range of physical and occupational rehabilitation therapies at their five outpatient facilities. Pivot is a proud member of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce and is our Member of the Month for July 2020.

Change Your Mind About Physical Therapy

Pivot Physical Therapy has more than 250 locations and is the largest provider of physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and sports medicine on the East Coast. Its staff comprises the best clinicians in the area who are committed to giving patients the best care possible.

Due to its evidence-based practices and consistent clinical outcomes, Pivot Physical Therapy is now the provider of choice for many top doctors. Pivot Physical Therapy has a large sports medicine network called Pivot Sports Medicine. This network offers athletic training and other services related to sports medicine to more than 50 school athletic departments.

Over 500 physical therapists, licensed sports trainers, and support staff work at Pivot Physical Therapy. These professionals know many different things, like how to treat injuries, general orthopedics, and care for people after surgery. In addition to its clinical work, Pivot Physical Therapy works closely with over 45 school and college athletic departments to provide athletic trainers and sports medicine services for men’s and women’s junior varsity and varsity sports.

Gary Katz, CEO of Pivot Physical Therapy, says, “ActivCare Physical Therapy is a strong community organization with a great reputation for reliable care that gets the best results.” With the addition of the Pivot Physical Therapy team, patients will have better access to a network of highly qualified and skilled doctors.

If you live in Rosslyn and want to find a helpful, top-rated physical therapist, you should go to Pivot Physical Therapy. It is easy because it is between the Rosslyn and Courthouse Metro stations. Physical therapy is a way to treat pain without using drugs or surgery. 

You can do it through exercise, manual therapy, or treatment in water. Tammy Hill, a doctor at Pivot and a liaison with the community, says that there are many reasons why someone might need physical therapy. After surgery, many people go to physical therapy to help them get better. Others use it to treat back pain, work injuries, and short-term and long-term pain. Physical therapy can also help people get better after a stroke or breast cancer surgery.

If you’re unsure if physical therapy is right for you, one of Pivot’s physical therapists in Rosslyn can give you a free injury screening. You don’t need a prescription for a free injury screening, but you do need one before starting a regular physical therapy treatment plan. Usually, people go to physical therapy twice a week for six weeks. Hill says, “Our idea and method are simple: we provide individualized physical therapy that works well.” “Physical therapy can help you quickly get back to your regular sports, activities, or workouts.”

Pivot Physical Treatment wants to make patients’ physical therapy easy and useful. Hill says that many people don’t know that insurance covers physical therapy, so they accept most health insurance companies. They also have morning and evening times for appointments, and most of the time can make an appointment within 24 hours of calling. Also, since Pivot is part of a network of providers, its staff will find a facility that offers a service if the Rosslyn clinic doesn’t. The Rosslyn facility offers specialty therapies like care for concussions, dry needling (using needles to treat muscle pain), vestibular therapy (an exercise-based program to improve balance and reduce dizziness), and sports rehabilitation.

The Following Services Are Offered By Pivot Physical Therapy:

Physical Therapy

You can get help from physical therapy if you are recovering from a sports injury, just got medical care, were in a car accident, or have any other problem that keeps you from doing your best. They know how stressful and scary it can be to have an accident, pull a muscle, or have surgery. 


The experienced occupational therapists at Pivot work with you to help you do things at home, school, or work. They do this by using everyday tasks as therapy. Occupational therapists at Pivot help people of all ages reach their highest level of function by doing an initial, personalised evaluation, coming up with a plan to help you achieve your goals, and keeping track of your progress. Your health is the most important thing to us regarding occupational therapy.

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists at Pivot can help kids and adults who have trouble talking, eating, or swallowing. Their experts will look at each patient and develop a unique treatment plan to help them achieve their goals.

Complimentary Injury Screening:

If you have aches and pains, you don’t have to live with them. They are here to help! Pivot offers free injury checks at each location. Make an appointment with us right away, Your test might include:

  • Check for mobility, strength, and range of motion in the joints.
  • They’ll chat about it to figure out what’s best for you.
  • Talk about your current situation, any limits, and any worries you have.
  • Education can keep people from getting sick and hurt.

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